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Application of German NEUGART planetary reducer


The main function of the high-precision planetary reducer is to decelerate and increase the torque. It is widely used in automation/robots, packaging equipment, laser cutting, ground rail truss, lithium batteries, machine tools, food, medicine, cosmetics, printing and agricultural products industries.

At present, high-precision planetary reducers are widely used in the laser cutting machine industry. At present, our company's plan has a fastest acceleration of 2.0G and a maximum speed of 200m/min. To achieve such excellent performance, the beam needs to have enough rigidity and large enough. The best motor and reasonable reducer selection, at present NEUGART's PSN, PLN spline connection pinion, as well as shrink-fit gear, PSFN, PLFN flange gear connection, can achieve high positioning accuracy, and can be customized according to customers. To meet the needs of the customer, customize the 1 arc minute precision reducer, so that it will have extremely high positioning accuracy. Among them, PSN and PSFN are new helical gear reducers, which have extremely low noise and low vibration during operation, and are suitable for applications that have certain requirements for operating noise. PLN and PLFN are spur-tooth planetary reducers. The helical gear reducer has a higher torque carrying capacity and is suitable for applications requiring high torque. The protection grade of these reducers is IP65, which can provide the best protection in dusty and water-spraying environments. operating performance.


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